Write a program in the Processing programming environment.

Remember, you must do your own work on this assignment, and your code must be your own, but you may consult with your discussion group peers about how certain functions, structure and methods could be employed to further your vision for this artwork assignment.

Instructions for downloading and installing the Processing environment are found here: www.processing.org/download/.

In addition to course slides and notes from lectures, I recommend that you complete online Processing tutorials to improve programming skill – http://www.processing.org/tutorials/. I think Daniel Schiffman’s “Hello Processing” video tutorials are particularly well done. In addition see Shiffman’s Processing Youtube tutorials here: Learning Processing: A Beginner’s Guide to Programming Images, Animation, and Interaction

Also, see Reas and Fry, Getting Started with Processing: http://proquest.safaribooksonline.com.ezproxy2.library.arizona.edu/9781457187070?uicode=uariz

In particular, their chapters on Motion, Functions, and Objects might be very useful.

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