The Procter and Gamble Company Formed in 1837 Case Study


You have been recently recruited as a brand communication executive at an established FMCG company in the UK. As part of your role, you are to develop an integrated communication plan for a brand specially dedicated to a potential target market. You have been asked to prepare a report which must assess the current marketing environment and strategies applied in the last three years for a selected brand of your choice in the same company and required to design an integrated communication plan to achieve the success for a brand in 2022. Furthermore, you have been requested to assess the current market segment for a brand and design the appropriate target segments as per the developed communication plan. As part of your answer, you must emphasise how the performance of a brand contributes to create the brand equity. In order to achieve this, you have been further asked to evaluate the current brand equity of a selected brand and suggest the new recommendations to improve the brand value based on a selected brand equity model.


Task 1 Critically analyse the current marketing communication strategies applied by your brand. Then, evaluate the current marketing communications strategy within the UK for your given brand. Your evaluation must include an assessment of how successfully social networks have been used as part of its integrated marketing communications effort. (25 marks)

Task 2 Prepare an integrated marketing communication plan for the same product for the 2022 period. (35 marks)

Task 3 Analyse the current market segments and recommend the best segments for your brand. You must use correct segmentation bases to agree on the new target segments. Critically assess the current customer relationship strategies of the brand and then assess the dimension of the brand equity. You must use a specific brand equity theoretical model to assess the brand equity for a given brand. (30 marks)

Mandatory requirement Use correct academic writing style and structure. Use correct grammar, syntax, punctuation and spelling. Use in-text citations and references according to the Harvard Reference System. (10 marks)


· Describe the evolution of integrated marketing communications and the stages through which organisations evolve when adopting IMC practices and describe and justify IMC guiding principles.

· Apply the notion of reciprocal marketer – consumer relationship and estimate brand equity


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Written report guidance -Marketing Communications Examples for the Fast moving consumer good companies – Unilever, P&G, Nestle , Innocent ,Cadburys ,Pringles or any FMCG company who are presence in the UK 1- Look back three years’ communication performance and suggest what do you do to improve the business for the brand. 2- You need to know what segmentation is and how to do segmentation. then you need to explain what brand equity (value of a brand) is. What factors are important to create brand equity. We have a model and can be used here. Then can you evaluate the brand equity. (Segmentation and brand equity) Introduction -200 words Task 01 – 800 words What is the communication strategies used by

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