Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic The Psychodynamic Theory PS240 WK6.According to Freud, the structure of personality consists of three components, which are the id, ego, and superego. The id is in control of instincts that are related to survival and aggression, biological urges, and the need to seek pleasure, which is referred to as the pleasure principle. The id, being illogical,irrational, and driven by impulses, is distinguished by primary process thinking. The second component of personality is the logical and rational ego, which is characterized by secondary process thinking. The reality principle plays a role in the ego’s functions, making it aware that appeasing to impulses cannot always occur due to the demands of the real world. As such, the ego “manages the conflict between the id and the constraints of the real world (Freud, 2010).” The final component is the superego, which is the part of the personality that maintains the moral standards adapted from society and family. The superego is the purveyor of guilt and forces the ego to adapt to the real world and to concepts of morality.Given the complex structure of personality, Freud noted that the id, ego, and superego are in permanent conflict with one another. Freud claimed that these conflicts most likely dealt with sexual urges and aggressiveness as society has rules surrounding these urges, their prevalence, and how they are tended to. Due to the constant conflicts of these personality components, it is believed that individuals feel anxious when the ego becomes incapable of balancing the demands of both the id and superego. As such, an individual’s personality resorts to unconscious and automatic behaviors known as defense mechanisms to fight against the internal conflicts of their personality.Defense mechanisms include repression, projection, displacement, reaction formation, and regression. Repression is when a thought, feeling, desire, or memory is suppressed so that it becomes unconscious.