Cultural competence refers to the procedure of being aware of one’s culture and how one communicates the knowledge to the rest of the world. Additionally, it is among the most debated topics in the current healthcare. This is because most individuals encounter barriers to proper health based on the specific bias of age, religion, sexuality, race or gender. However, the Purnell model provides a framework that can be applied by any individual to apply the various diverse cultures and communities in society to enhance his or her competence. The Purnell model expounds on culture and this paper explains how the model is useful in addressing one’s needs when planning an educational program for the community.

            The community in Escambia county experiences increased demographic shifts that bring to light the need to focus on health promotion and education. For one to adequately address this issue, one needs to be culturally competent to understand the cultural variations and develop a proper program for the culturally diversified community. Additionally, the Purnell model provides a structure for healthcare providers to learn the characteristics and concepts of culture (Fertman, 2016). It gives an overview of the concepts related to the nation of origin, residence, economics, politics and value places on learning (Jeffreys, 2015). Through this, one can create a program that perceives the individual, family or association within their specific ethnocultural surrounding which in turn enhances one’s cultural competence.             The Purnell model also provides a global perspective of the world’s communication, health, interactions among diverse cultures and education. Moreover, information on global events is spread through communication networks across the globe either directly or indirectly and they force individuals to alter their ways of life in conscious or unconscious ways (Huff, Kline & Peterson, 2014). By understanding such perspectives, one can effectively base his or her program on educating the community on the global effects and how they can positively impact

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