Watch the movie The Pursuit of Happiness.

Note this is for a speech class.
These are the lecture for this chapter so it may be able to give you a good understanding of what he asking in question 1. I also attached the PowerPoint. Please watch the movie if you haven’t already it’s important so you can answer the following questions

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Step 1 Word count should be 700-900 words.  No more, no less
Step 2.  Copy these questions into a word document and answer each question.  That means that I should see the question, and then the answer below it.
Step 3. Grammar counts and never give me one continuous paragraph. 

Your five questions

1.  Why do you think I had you watch this movie?

2.  What does this movie have to do with perception?

3.Throughout the process of trying to start a new career, several major life changes happen to Chris Gardner and his son.  What kinds of life changes did they go through?  Why did things get so bad?

4. In the end, was it worth it for Chris Gardner? (Do not give me just a sentence for the answer-think long and hard about it)

5.  Did you like this assignment, and describe why or why not?  Please explain.

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