Uncet Gems


Answer one of the prompts below regarding the use of mise-en-scene in Uncut Gems. Your response should be between 300-500 words and should include minimal plot summary. Assume that your reader has seen the film but please do set up specific scenes with a sentence or two if you plan on discussing them in depth. It’s often helpful to focus on a specific scene or shot for careful detailed analysis as a means of supporting a larger claim. Please be sure to proofread, use specific terms from lectures/readings when relevant, and review the included rubric!

1. How does the film’s mise-en-scene shape how we come to understand Howard (e.g. his personality, his motivations, his relationships to other characters, etc.)? Be sure to draw on specific characteristics of the film’s mise-en-scene to support your claim.

2. What does the film’s mise-en-scene suggest about life in New York?

2. Make your own claim about how the mise-en-scene shapes our experience as spectators. For example, you might explore the ways in which the film’s mise-en-scene shapes which characters we feel sympathy for vs. who we are rooting against; how mise-en-scene informs the way we make sense of specific narrative developments; how the mise-en-scene affects the film as a political text (e.g. does it critique capitalism, embrace it, or is it doing something else altogether); etc.5 attachmentsSlide 1 of 5

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1 What is Mise-en-Scene? Part 1 The first formal aspect of the cinema we’ll be discussing is mise-en-scene. What is mise-en-scene? It is one of the most self-evident aspects of any given frame of film, which of course also makes it one of the most confusing. A French term borrowed from the theater, which literally translates to “placed on the scene,” Mise-en-scene refers to all of the elements placed in front of the camera to be photographed. When we talk about a film’s mise-en-scene, we’re describing the characteristics of the film’s setting, costume and makeup, staging and performance, and lighting. Each of these characteristics can be discussed separately but all are part of a film’s overall mise-en-scene. We’ll be discussing the intricacies of lighting in film in the next lecture. It might be tempting, at first, to only notice a film’s

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