Question Description

Another way to learn history is to reflect on an event or period of time that interests you. In this assignment, you will assume a role of museum curator (Google it!). Research and prepare a speech about your selected topic (not beyond 1500 CE). Suggestions to use: era of Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, the Islamic Empire or the Renaissance.


This project consists of 2 parts, as follows:

Part 1

Create a 2-page museum curator speech of your selected topic. Be sure to research about the period. You can be creative, but keep the story based on facts.


In addition to the textbook, use at least 1 other scholarly source, i.e., book or journal article. Be sure to follow APA or MLA guidelines for citing and referencing sources.

Part 2

Complete an annotated bibliography of at least 3 sources that you use for your course projects. An annotated bibliography provides the citation, as well as a brief description of the source and its value.

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