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write a 5-6 page paper or exploring how those films depict and influence American culture concerning your topic by addressing the following:

  1. Analyze the films influence on American culture both now and when the film was released. Also address how the films depict American Culture at the time it was released.
  2. Discuss how the films depict your topic, comparing them with one another.
  3. What do the films say about the world of its time and the world today?
  4. How do the films affect you personally? How and why?

Some questions that may help you think about your topic and films before you begin writing your paper. You do not need to address these question directly within your paper.

  • What is the larger story the films tell?
  • How does the film use characters to develop and reinforce your chosen topic?
  • How does the director use scenes and the overall story to address your topic.

You should feel free to use both primary and secondary sources concerning these films and the time and place they were released. However, I am interested more in your critical thinking and the use you make of your chosen material than the research of others.

The paper is to be 5-6 pages in length using 1-inch margins all around with a 11 or 12 point font, double-spaced. Title page, graphics, pictures, footnotes, bibliography do not count toward the length of the paper.

Use proper citations and bibliography or works cited page. The Films for this assignment are the following:

  • What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) Directed by Lasse Hallstrom
  • Of Mice and Men (1939) Directed by Lewis Milestone


The Final Project is to use a proper citation according to the style you are using when writing your two papers, the bibliography in stage two and the Final paper. For example, if you are using Chicago style it should look like this:

Title of Work. Format. Directed Firstname Lastname. Original Release Year. City: Studio/Distributor, Video release year. Medium.

Joe Versus the Volcano. Directed by John Patrick Shanley. 1990. Burbank, CA: Warner Home Video, 2002. DVD.

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