Read The Circle and watch The Social Dilemma, make sure you do. Make specific references to the text and documentary. Therefore, take good notes while reading the book and watching the documentary!LINKS! have attached the file: THE CIRCLEPlease select only ONE of the following questions: 1. Explore one theme found in The Circle, such as Surveillance, Transparency, Privacy, Utopianism, etc. Please explain the development and significance of the theme in the book by providing specific textual/film examples to support your argument. Connect your analysis to the excerpt entitled “Panopticon” and/or The Social Dilemma. 2. Should companies allow users to retain their privacy? Why or why not? Explain how The Circle and the documentary The Social Dilemma informs your argument by citing specific examples from both sources. Connect your analysis to the excerpt entitled “Panopticon,” if applicable. 3. According to The Circle and The Social Dilemma, how might technology push users to give away their power? Does technology jeopardize a user’s safety and privacy? Connect your analysis to the excerpt entitled “Panopticon,” if applicable. Your response should be 2-4 pages in length, 12 pt. Times New Roman font. This essay will include in-text citations but will not require a Works Cited page. Your response should be written in MLA format and will need to include:1)  An original thesis statement that summarizes succinctly the argument.2). Specific textual or film examples to illustrate/support your argument.  3). Cite/reference other class readings when appropriate to show the connection among readings.