The purpose of writing this paper is to discuss the technological change persisting in the current environment with reference to the development of information technology being critical for Dell or not, furthermore Dell’s recycling process and expansion of corporate networking products and entering into consumer electronics will be discussed. Background History of Dell Dell Corporation, a brand almost all the people are familiar with, was established in 1984 by Michael Dell at a time when personal computers were very limited in number.
This company was started by a mere $1000 dollars where now it’s a multinational organization. The basic theme of this organization was to provide computers directly to the customers rather than depending on a middleman to carry out the transaction. Decision making strategies Dell’s numerous successes can be attributed to their superb decision making strategies. The organization is well aware of the fact that without a flawless decision plan high quality cannot be promised and delivered to their customers.
Customers are the most important and crucial part of the organization around which the business revolves. Keeping this in mind the organization strives to improve the quality and design of their products in order to attract new customers as well as to retain the old ones. Their decision making criteria’s circle around the designing and improving the products because this is what keeps attracting new customers. Dell Corporation has come up with numerous designs each selected after a thorough inspection of the quality, durability and other such important factors. Read also about importance of production function

The company also provides their customers a choice to select and produce their own machines through their given specifications. The customers can now choose what their machine should include as well as how it should look like including various color choices Product life cycle The product life cycle model of Dell Corporations includes four stages which are introduction, growth, maturity and decline of its computers. Technology is a continuously changing factor so the lifep of dell’s product isn’t very large. Because of the continuous change, innovation is the most crucial part. Learn about Dell Marketing Strategy
Dell Corporation firstly conceives the plan of a new technology keeping in mind their competitors as well as the consumer’s preferences. Then Dell officially introduces its products through strong marketing strategies to make the consumers well aware of the new technology available. They add in new features so as to make it irresistible for the consumer. Although the product has been marketed, Dell corporations still make new innovation and changes. The third stage is all about the maturity of the product. The consumers are buying the dell products and they are highly satisfied.
Still this satisfaction isn’t going to last for long. Due to the continuous technological changes this dell’s product also has to become obsolete. Before reaching this stage the organization introduces another innovative technology which gradually replaces the old one. By this the company doesn’t becomes obsolete. (Robert, 2001). Product development Product development means to continuously change the products outlook so that it doesn’t become obsolete before its end of life p. Dell, since is an organization dealing in technologies, continuous development is the name of the game.
This also brings various issues with it which have to be dealt with before the development can truly be termed as being successful. Technological change The pace of technological change in the current scenario is rapidly growing and so it is essential for Dell to keep refreshing their computers so that they can stay up in the competition and do better than the competitors. Every other day, new technology is being introduced, therefore Dell has to be careful to be fast enough and keep a check on the moves of the competitors to do the business well.
Information technology Information technology is critical to Dell’s success in a way that there is a growing need of computers and its users are increasing day by day as technology is progressing. Dell’s recycling program Dell’s recycling program serves as a major success factor for the company. Dell is famous for manufacturing an order in a customized way in order to suit the needs and the requirements of the customers. This also helps Dell to reduce its inventory costs and looking at this method being used by Dell it is obvious that Dell uses just in time approach.
Dell is escalating into the consumer electronics and corporate networking products because of the rising demands of the PCs. Other than PCs, Dell also produces desktops and notebooks, servers and workstations, storage and printers, handhelds and portable projectors, etc. The servers that Dell offers are used in networked environments to distribute files, database information, applications, and communication products. Other than this, Dell also offers services to its customers.
These services can be consultation about some hardware or software from any professional or any kind of support that the customer may need. Limitations on Dell Dell is more famous for selling customized PCs to the customers. There is not any limit as such that would be applicable on Dell that would limit the sale of their PCs through the method they are currently using. They can even approach for retail selling as this would be faster for the customers who do not have enough knowledge themselves about the computers. Therefore, they would want to purchase something already being offered in the market. Other than this, this would be more convenient for the customers just to go to the store and pick their PC.
Conclusion Over all the organization is very successful in coping up with new and continuous changes in the environment and continues to bring new and better experience for its consumers. Dell provides the education sector more than any other segment and is graded as the largest producer in the United States and the second largest in desktop shipments globally. However, it should also focus on other market segments in order to increase it share.
For advertising, Dell basically focuses on two major goals and they use direct mail as to inform the current and the prospective customers about their offerings. This kind of advertising also boosts effectiveness as well and helps to build up relationships with the clients. (Alden, Gary & Robert, 2004). However, it should also adopt other modes of advertising as direct advertisement is not always sufficient, the reason being that it might also happen that most of the customers won’t even check their mail and so it would be a total waste of resources.

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