Reading response papers. between 600 and 1,000 words each. Choose a passage from an assigned text, compose a thesis statement, and analyze (do not merely summarize) the passage in context. Responses can be personal; for the paper you’re required to engage at least one secondary source.

a. Required reading (click the link):

The Tempest,

Acts 1–3

This assignment builds upon Response paper #1 (Uploaded file). Here, you will choose a new passage (ONLY ONE PASSAGE!!) from an assigned text and analyze the passage in the context of the tradition so far revealed in the reading. (Again, avoid merely summarizing the action in your assigned passage.) Discuss how allusion, echo, new twists or perspectives are manifested in your passage. Responses can be personal but your argument must involve critical thinking, appropriate use of literary critical terms, and at least one secondary source from the scholarly literature. Feel free to engage materials from the Moodle course site, as long as proper citation is provided.

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Story Response The Norton Anthology: page 195 passage 1 Odyssey is one of the most entertaining classical stories that never fade away with time. Like many other classical writing of its time, Odyssey is usually borrowed in literature because of its contribution to ancient Greek Mythology. In the Norton Anthology of World Lit, the audience is introduced to the life of Odyssey, a great soldier, and a king who found himself in trouble with a god. This passage shows the importance of gods in ancient Greek and their interference in human life. Odysseus and the gods Odyssey is a story that follows a great soldier and king who is experiencing what is termed as the fate of the gods. Instead of returning home like other Vikings, he was stuck on a remote island with the goddess Calypso. Odyssey’s happens to be unfortunate enough to have captured the heart of the goddess who refused to let him go home. When I read this part, are a Chinese I can’t help myself to related to

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