The Triple Alliance was an agreement which was done in secrecy between the European superpowers; Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary. The alliance was formed on May 1882. Romania later joined this group in 1883. The major reason for the formation of this alliance was to protect the interests of the three members. For instance, Italy sought to join the group as a result of her losing its North African interests to France. This agreement was under a constant renewal of the treaty. The treaty was renewed in 1887, 1902, and 1912. The two members of this pact; Germany and Austria-Hungary had deep relations before the formation of the Triple Alliance. For instance, they had been having friendly relations since 1879. Italian loss of the North African Ambitions prompted her to enter the pact. The Austria-Hungary and its ally Germany were to rise to the occasion and assist Italy in an event of an attack by France. Italy was equally tasked to support Germany in a case of an attack from France.

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