Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The United Kingdom’s Divorce ct of 1857. It needs to be at least 3500 words. Divorce ?nd M?trimoni?l C?uses ?ct of 1857 divorces could only be obt?ined in Engl?nd through ? cumbersome process involving ? suit by the husb?nd ?g?inst ?nother m?n for ‘crimin?l convers?tion’ (i.e., for compromising his wife, ?nd therefore diminishing her v?lue, so th?t he could cl?im d?m?ges), then ?n ecclesi?stic?l divorce which did not ?llow the right of re-m?rri?ge, ?nd fin?lly ? priv?te ?ct of P?rli?ment which sep?r?ted the p?rties ex vinculis m?trimonii (from the ch?ins of m?rri?ge) ?nd did ?llow re-m?rri?ge. The 1857 ?ct w?s designed (in effect) to ?llow moder?tely we?lthy men to divorce their wives. ? wom?n could be divorced on the simple grounds of her ?dultery (her ?dultery thre?tened his ?bility to p?ss his property to his m?le heirs), where?s ? wom?n h?d to prove?dultery ?ggr?v?ted by desertion (for two ye?rs), or by cruelty, r?pe, sodomy, incest or big?my. The husb?nd could cl?im d?m?ges ?g?inst the ?dulterous third p?rty, the wife could not (B?rnett, 1968).When in M?y 1856 Lord Ch?ncellor Cr?nworth reintroduced into P?rli?ment ? divorce bill, it w?s cle?r th?t he ?nd the P?lmerston government were still exclusively concerned with ?bolishing the jurisdiction of P?rli?ment ?nd the church courts. The ?ttorney-gener?l ?rgued forcibly th?t the country would be benefitted by the ?bolition of the prolix, extortion?te, ?nd extr?v?g?nt system of c?non l?w ?pplied by the church courts. No compens?tion w?s offered to offici?ls working in the church courts for the loss of their business, ? c?llousness defended on the grounds th?t this divorce business is confined in ? few h?nds.The government ?lso ?rgued th?t the bill would bring divorce, which heretofore h?d been ? privilege within the re?ch of the rich m?n only, home to the doors of the humblest cl?sses. (Hugh, Glick, 1970). This w?s ? fr?udulent cl?im, for neither the government nor its opponents, h?d ?ny desire to m?ke either divorce or judici?l sep?r?tion ?ccessible to the poor. In M?c?ul?ys blunt words, it w?s ? cl?ptr?p observ?tion.

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