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Week 6, Post 2: Theories about Media

Functionalist theorists believe that the media is an essential tool in society that helps us access information, learn new things, be entertained, and actually aids in the socialization process.

On the other hand, Conflict theorists believe that those in power have control over technology, media, who has access to it, and what messages are passed along through them.

Which theoretical view do you believe is most accurate? Give two examples, with links to articles, and discuss how they illustrate the view that you choose.

Canvas The University of… A USYD timetable O Mail – Pung Yi Cha… Cite This For Me:… E Reading List Modules Midterm Essay 100 Possible Points Reading List Due: Fri Sep 24, 2021 23:59 THI UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY Discussions Attempt 1 IN PROGRESS Next Up: Submit Assignment View Feedback Assignments Account Zoom Worth 20% | Due: Friday 24th September by 11:59pm. (Week 7) Unit outline (CC) Help Unit outline (RE) Instructions: Dashboard Select ONE of the following questions and write a 1,000 word response in essay format: Courses o Demographic changes and technological advancements are said to increase the demand for care and emotional work. What changes would be needed to turn these jobs into less precarious jobs that can expand the capabilities of the person who holds it? o How have legal attempts to address racial discrimination and land rights impacted on Aboriginal peoples? o How does state-sponsored multiculturalism operate to reproduce relationships of power and disguise ongoing racial and ethnic discrimination? Groups Calendar Susan has put together a guide of exemplars and explanations Examplars and Explanations-1.pdf of introductions and arguments and use of evidence in different grade bands (credit, distinction, and high distinction). Please consult this guide as way of improving on your essay writing skills in sociology, paying particular attention to the comments made in yellow. Inbox History Key criteria: Studio Submit Assignment OLE SEP AN 24 tv 7 A 0 ail – Punx Frequently X S改動合結 . х (451) MX YouTube X N Netflix Х E Week 6 Tux • FASS1000X FASS1000 x Academic X . canvas.sydney.edu.au/courses/35218/pages/frequently-asked questions YouTube Sydney Student -… 2 Canvas O The University of … A USYD timetable Update Mail – Pung Yi Cha… 3 Cite This For Me:… Reading List How strict is the word count? As a general rule we are happy for you submit something that is -/+ 10% of the word limit (so for a 2000-word essay, you can comfortably submit something between 1800 and 2200 words). Please note, if you don’t stick to the word limit, then this could affect your grade. Does the word count include my reference list? No, your reference list does not count towards your word count. Can I use the textbook as a source? Please note, the xtbook does not count as one of the 2 references from the Essential / Required readings and 4 references from other academic sources that you will need for your response. You can make use of the textbook. Naturally, if you take ideas from the textbook or quote from the textbook, then you must include a reference and include the textbook in your reference list. However, the textbook is a starting point for your research. We strongly encourage you to read much more broadly than the textbook. How old can my sources be for my reference list? One of the challenges of academic writing is keeping up with recent research and new theoretical directions. As a general rule, particularly when using empirical research, you would try to find the most recent studies. However, where you are discussing theoretical concepts, such as the theories of scholars such as Max Horkheimer and Theodor W. Adorno or Émile Durkheim, then it is appropriate to use older sources, indeed it can be beneficial to refer to the original text (this is one of the reasons we offer you opportunities to read “classic” texts in this course). Note in these case, secondary texts can be useful in helping you understand the primary material, as well as more recent applications and interpretations. Your textbook is a good starting point, but we strongly encourage you to read more broadly. Chrome File Edit View History Bookmarks Proilles Tab Window Help 57 A Fri 24 sep 1:19 AM o Mail – Pun X Midterm X 今啟動會議 Х D (451) ALE X YouTubex N Netflix 5 Week 6 7 X .. FASS1000 x ICLOUD STORAGE IS ALMOST FULL 39m ago со canvas.sydney.edu.au/courses/35218/assignments/318856 Upgrade your storage to keep using iCloud. Apps M Gmail D YouTube Sydney Student -… Canvas The University of… A USYD timetable O Mail – Pung Yi Cha… Cite This For Me:… E Reading List Midterm Essay 100 Possible Points – Due: Fri Sep 24, 2021 23:59 THE UNIVERSITYOR SYDNEY Attempt 1 IN PROGRESS Next Up: Submit Assignment View Feedback Account Distinction Credit Pass Fail Help Clarity of Written Expression High Distinction Writing is extremely clear and expressed very well Writing is quite clear, with a few small issues Writing is mostly clear, but with several issues Clarity of writing has significant issues Writing is extremely unclear Dashboard High Distinction Distinction Credit Pass Fail Courses Minor spelling or grammar issues. Minor reference issues. Spelling, Grammar, and References Paper is very well ‘polished’ – no spelling or grammar issues, and all sources are accurately referenced in Harvard style, both in-text and in the reference list. Several spelling or grammar issues. Sources are referenced but missing sources or referencing detail. Groups Readable, but contains many spelling and grammar issues. Some sources are mentioned but poorly referenced. Readability is difficult: spelling and grammar support needed. Most sources are not referenced or poorly references Calendar Inbox * 1 Dz History Webcam Files Dropbox Google LTI Office 365 LTI …

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