I have selected the ‘Four-resource model’ – please use this model for the paper.

You are to write a 1500-word persuasive essay addressing the following:

‘There is a danger that an overemphasis on one teaching strategy for reading will be to the detriment of other equally important strategies.’

What do you think is the most relevant reading model* (ONLY ONE) for addressing 21st century literacy demands? Illustrate your response with examples of classroom practices consistent with this reading model.

Reading Models refer to: Skills Model, Whole language model, Reader response model, Four-resource model, Halliday+ Model.

*Please refer to Chapter 4: Theories of literacy development (Links to an external site.) from your eText for definitions and descriptions of key reading models relevant to this topic.

You will need to draw on resources from the weekly materials (podcasts, readings and discussions) in Weeks 1–3, and appropriate scholarly literature that you have sourced independently from online education journals accessed through the Swinburne Library, to inform your argument and illustrations of practice. Your essay is to be written in third person.

Your essay will need the following:

A clear introduction in which you introduce both the topic and the structure of your essay. A series of paragraphs making up the body of your essay in which you develop a persuasive argument for the particular model you have selected. The body of the essay will also include examples of classroom practice. This series of paragraphs must build the argument to a logical and reasoned conclusion. A conclusion in which you reiterate and sum up your argument. The conclusion must not simply restate the introduction. A reference list citing any references to scholarly literature in APA style (not included in word count).

Can I argue for MORE than 1 model? Not for this assignment. For this assignment, you are aiming to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of one model.

Areas where students have struggled in the past: – Writing an essay that explains the model, but doesn’t argue for it. Remember to try & convince your reader that your model is the ‘best’ choice to make it a persuasive essay.

– Writing about a broad/generic model. Remember to focus on a literacy/reading model – e.g. Skills/Whole Language/Four Resource and not about Inquiry/Gradual Release/Explicit Instruction/etc.

– Writing rambling paragraphs. Great essays have clear paragraphs which each address 1 key idea. Remember to relate the paragraphs back to your thesis statement & to link them forward to the next paragraph. Check the TEEL structure guide and Transitioning Paragraphs resource on this page for support.

– Not identifying key 21st century demands in the introduction, then referring to these as the benefits of the model are argued and classroom examples described.Do you have a similar assignment and would want someone to complete it for you? Click on the ORDER NOW option to get instant services at