Hello, my question relates to Class PSY 560 Theories of Personality. I am confused! We were supposed to come up with a hypothesis, and a theorist to write our final project on. My abstract and final project rubric are attached. I will try to organize my issue – hopefully this will make it a bit easier:- I chose as a topic self esteem differences between children in the same nuclear family. -The theorist I chose is Carl Rogers. He did extensive studies on the self, self actualization, self-esteem, etc. -His work was based largely on Edmund Husserl.- We have to have a minimum of two articles by the theorist. I can’t find ONE article that I can actually look at the full text by Carl Rogers. There are several about him, but not by him that I can get access to. -Even when I do find two articles, I have to have 8 more. I have found them, but I have no idea how to organize this paper. I don’t understand how I’m supposed to defend his theory with my problem of self-esteem. -Focusing is very difficult for me this week! -I am looking for assistance with an outline of the final project. I am glad to write it, I just don’t know how to do it. Thank you!Attachment 1Attachment 2

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