A few weeks ago, you first looked at a sample mind map related to sibling needs in response to older sibling incarceration. In this Discussion, you will return to that mind map to try to find connections between concepts in order to draft a theory that works to explain those connections.

To Prepare


Access the Sample Mind Map, which is the same sample from Week 5. Consider the connections between the concepts on the mind map.

  • Review the mind map to find connections between the concepts. Consider possible reasons for these connections and draft a theory based on that discussion.
  • Note that Discussions in the doctoral-level Human Services programs are areas for sharing ideas, reflecting on current research, and building community. Therefore, your grade, and the evaluation of your Discussion, will be based on the content and quality of your ideas. Note that APA style citations, references, and standard punctuation will not be assessed or graded. As a human services professional and doctoral student, you should always maintain a professional and academic tone. Please focus on shaping your ideas and supporting your claims with examples and research when applicable. However, every course has its own standards and requirements, so it is important to always check those?requirements for each course and each assignment.

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Mind Map: Crime and broken families Perpetrators Being Criminals Broken Families Effects Rising number of people in crime Absentee fathers Abusive cohabiting stepfamilies Types of crimes Theft Assault Poor academic performance and dropout 1 Assignment: Mind Map Gloria Sanders PhD in Human Services, Walden University HUMN 8209: Human Services Theory Dr. Lamart Hightower 10/03/2021 Crime and Broken Families When people are arrested for crimes, sometimes the respective police departments may look into their family history. It has been researched and found that around fifty percent of the people taking part in crimes come from broken homes. The number of people taking part in crime has also risen due to the increase in the number of people from families whose fathers abandoned them. However, there is some hope. The research also showed that if the mother showed a lot of affection to their children, it could prevent them from engaging in crime. Children in a family require certain things as they grow up. For example, when they are children, they may need to be taught about empathy. This may not be easy to tech infants whose fathers left them. They may feel like their fathers abandoned the family because of them. They will also not have the chance to develop a relationship with their father, which might affect their development. Later on, in their adolescent stage of development, the children may need a sense of belonging, which their father rather than their mother would have best provided (Bezin, Verdier & Zenou, 2020). These children eventually end up looking for this sense of belonging outside the family setup. This may lead them to be part of a gang, where they find a sense of a family, something that they may have never experienced before. According to the research done, the largest group of adolescents who commit crimes is from cohabiting stepfamilies. This is a family where their parents may cohabitate with a new love interest other than their biological parents. Most of these households might present a new environment for the children, and they may decide to engage in crime as a form of rebellion or to escape the domestic violence that may be occurring in the home (Bezin, Verdier & Zenou, 2020). However, as the adolescents grow into adults, some of them may settle into families of their own, which has been shown to reduce their chances of engaging in crime further. Reference Bezin, E., Verdier, T., & Zenou, Y. (2020). Crime, broken families, and punishment. Available at SSRN 3200773.

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