Here are some questions related to chapter 1 from the ( Explorations in Classical Sociological Theory: Seeing the Social World 4th Edition) textbook, so I attached the chapter and the last page you will find the “toolbox” which included the questions. 

the questions will be :

Building Your Theory Toolbox At the conclusion of every chapter, there will be a box like this with review questions, suggestions for further study, ways of applying the theory to your world, and theory-building exercises. I’m keeping this one fairly brief because I’d like you to concentrate on specific issues that will carry through the rest of the book. As I said, I’ve told you a specific story about modernity—it’s all true, but it’s not the only story that can be told. This story includes certain ideas that we will come back to many times in our time together. Answering the following questions should help keep these important ideas clear in your mind. Modernity: Explain the Enlightenment and its place in modernity. How did society change as a result of modernity? What are the specific institutional arrangements in modernity? Explain the modern view of the person. Comte: Explain Comte’s sociological imagination. In other words, what specific historical, social, and intellectual forces impacted Comte’s thinking? How did these social factors influence his understanding of sociology and theory?

Sociology: Explain how sociology is the “queen of the sciences.” What purpose did Comte see for sociology? How do you see your involvement with sociology differently now that you’ve read the chapter? What are the advantages and goals of positivism, especially as it relates to sociological theory? What are the appropriate methods for sociology? Why does Comte think that statistics are inappropriate for sociology? Theory: Write a summation of the theory that you can use throughout the book and your class. When your professor gives you a test or paper topic, he or she is expecting to get theoretical ideas in return. Writing theory is different from any other sort of writing, and to do well on your tests and papers, you’ll need to know how to write theoretically. That starts by understanding what theory is, what it does, and how it’s constructed. In your summation, be sure to include the purpose of theory as well as its building blocks.1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1

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