Unit 4 Assignment WorksheetIn the Units 3 and 4 Discussions, you created a thesis statement that offered a solution to a problem in your community or workplace. In this unit’s Assignment, you will revise and evaluate the effectiveness of that thesis using the Toulmin Model. Part I: First of all, you will revise the provisional thesis statement that you generated in the previous unit Discussion. Make sure the thesis is concise (1–2 sentences) and includes two parts: a proposal for solving a problem and a reason that solution is needed.  For more on creating effective persuasive thesis statements, review the following Writing Center resources:?  “Give Your Paper Direction: Developing a Strong Thesis Statement” ?  “Writing a Thesis for a Persuasive Essay” Write your revised two-part thesis statement here, and be sure to include a claim + reason (the “because” or “since” clause): What type of claim does this represent? Part II: Next, describe how you will use the appeals of logos, ethos, and pathos to make your argument more compelling to your audience. You can review the Writing Center resource on the appeals here: “The Three Appeals of Argumentative Writing”Part III: Identify the parts of your argument based on the Toulmin Model. For more on the Toulmin Model, review the following Writing Center resources: ·        Toulmin Model of Argument “Podcast” and “Transcript” ·        “How to Support an Argument and Avoid Logical Fallacies”Claim: Warrant (assumption): Qualifiers: How strongly do you believe in the argument? Would any qualifiers be beneficial? Why or why not? Grounds: Backing (for the warrant):Rebuttals:Identify at least one logical fallacy to which your argument may be susceptible and how you will avoid that fallacy. For more on logical fallacies, review the Kaplan University Writing Center resource “How to Support an Argument and Avoid Logical Fallacies.”After going over the learning activities and the podcast for the Toulmin Model I have revised my original thesis statement.My Original Thesis Statement:My Revised Thesis Statement:The FBI should officially recognize violent crimes against the homeless as legitimate hate crime. The documented reports included, “dosing with gasoline and setting aflame; rape in exchange for shelter; spray painting and stomping upon while sleeping; and repeated incidence of gang initiation involving stabbing and beating.” 1 in 3 resulting in death in this drastically under reported field of criminology.Claim: The FBI should officially recognize crimes against the homeless as legitimate hate crime. Warrant: Our government is not doing all that it can to combat our nations homelessness. Unless our government commits to ending homelessness through public education, policy advocacy and technical assistance, homelessness will continue to go as a national disaster for the United States. The restructuring and funding of homelessness programs is long overdue. New laws should provide incentives for states to address homeless problems, witch they have never done in the past. To solve the national homelessness, we as people must work in our community state and federal government representatives to share ideas. information and resources. We must work together to actively recruit service providers, decision makers, funder’s , private sector partners, and people who are or formerly were homeless to collaborate on policy and solutions.