3D manufacturing entails the production of consumer electronics, automobile spare parts, aerospace, and dental and orthopedic prosthetic implants in dental hospitals. The 3D manufacturing industry is characterized by high competition arising from the increasing number of companies in entering the field. Furthermore, the complexity associated with AM industry not only pushes companies to drain their coffers in trying to meet the costs but also shove most companies to production inertia because new technologies seem to be less efficient than traditional production techniques. Despite the looming challenges in the AM industry, 3D Systems Corporation seems to be performing exceptionally well. Producing products similar to ones produced by competitors in the industry, 3D Systems experiences thrilling sales and capital returns incomparable to most 3D companies in the world. SWOT analysis is central to achieving remarkable successes such as the ones experienced by 3D Systems Corporation, in that it reviews performance and informs the management about areas to improve and areas to shove aside. This research paper analyses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with the company with competition and financial returns in perspective. Furthermore, the paper will give conclusions and recommendations that, if followed, will make 3D Systems to continue leading in the industry.

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