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They are 45 questions about the movie Through Deaf Eyes. I’ll attach the questions below.3 attachmentsSlide 1 of 3

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Through Deaf Eyes Questionnaire 1. The only communication mode the Deaf community utilizes is sign language. T or F 2. Why did Sam Supalla think the neighbor girl was strange? 3. What percentage of all deaf people have hearing parents? 4. About how many Americans are profoundly deaf? 5. Who, in 1817, opened the first permanent school for the deaf? 6. In 1864, who signed the law establishing American’s first college for deaf people? 7. How was Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) connected to the deaf community? 8. Why is AGB against deaf people marrying each other? 9. Why was AGB considered to be the boogieman in deaf folklore? 10. Why were the students at oral schools not allowed to sign? What were their teachers afraid of? 11. Why do some successful oral deaf people like Kristen Harmon choose not to use speech even though she is easy to understand? 12.

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