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one discussion question

Your response should directly address the content required by the prompt.
a. It shows that you have read and synthesized the readings.
b. It addresses some of the implications of the discussion prompt or question.
c. It stimulates additional ideas or responses. It furthers the discussion.

Phoned in or superficial responses will provide obvious information that lacks depth or evidence of thought.

Your writing is clear and pertinent; minor grammatical or stylistic errors do not detract from the meaning.

1- Timur Kuran argues that the interaction of several Islamic institutions had unintended effects on development. Specifically, he argues that trusts, egalitarian inheritance, legal pluralism, and a lack of corporate structures can explain the underdevelopment of the Middle East today. Do you agree? Why or why not?

In addition to understanding Kuran’s argument, I want you to be thinking about how you critique arguments. For example, if you believe that high levels of foreign involvement explain underdevelopment in the region, then be cognizant that at least one claim that you are likely making is that “it is not (primarily) Islamic Institutions but foreign intervention that matters” or ” it is not X but Y.” The latter is a generalized form of a critique that you may be able to apply to other readings or scholarly arguments.

Read through what your classmates write both to learn the critiques specific to this argument but also to find the more generic criticisms.

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