Email Assignment EAC594 You are the Associate Creative Director for Venture Communications and part of your duties is to sign off on work produced by the company’s copywriters. Recently, you have noticed some writing blunders in some of the advertising and promotional campaigns of clients, such as: • • • Mixing bowl set designed to please cook with round bottom for efficient beating Dinner Special – Turkey $2.35; Chicken or Beef $2.25; Children $2.00 We only use the best Anus beef in our hamburgers. These errors are costing time and patience of your clients as work needs to be sent back and corrected on a daily basis. If your employees proofread their work carefully, errors can be avoided allowing you to sign off the campaign. Write an e-mail to your copywriting employee’s with at least five proofreading tips to eliminate writing blunders. GUIDELINES Ensure that your response to the scenario includes the following business communication criteria: • • • • • • • Receiver Benefits (where required) or Receiver’s Point of View Positive and Tactful Tone Contemporary Language- Business Writing Style/Tone Simple and Informal Words Concise Communication Please be sure to use your own words and please do not copy language from the scenario Be mindful of page design (eg. White space, margins, etc.) In addition to the above criteria, you are responsible to determine the correct organizational pattern for your chosen scenario as well as ensuring the readability of your message: this includes the grammar and spelling as well as how the message appears on the screen. Use the title line as a subject line of your e-mail response and any of the tools available in the toolbar to help format your message accordingly. As a communication subject, grammar and spelling can have a great impact on the evaluation. Please ensure that your e-mail message is free of grammar and spelling errors. List do’s and don’ts for business E-Mails. Do Use subject lines Repeat the purpose in the first sentence Use short messages instead of one long one Ensure you have included the attachment Provide a greeting, closing, and contact information (signature) Spellcheck and proofread Get permission before forwarding a message; delete any unnecessary or private information Send the message to the correct recipients Use BCC only for privacy not secrecy Keep messages to one screen in length; use attachments to provide more information Use a formal tone Avoid emoticons Avoid inappropriate content Avoid slang and clichés Don’t Assume your message is private Use uppercase (which means you are shouting) Use a workplace e-mail for personal messages Communicate sensitive information online Use one long paragraph; include a short introduction, body and conclusion Use e-mail to vent; an angry e-mail can destroy your reputation, relationships and future Send too many messages; this can result in information overload and people ignoring you Assume your message has been received: follow up Examples

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