Write a 2 page essay on Case study assignment.The Tokyo management concept could not be successful because the French population was not as open to the American ideas as was the Japanese audiences, very exited to see the American Disneyland experience no matter what it cost. Financial losses compelled management to charge high rates of rooms rent and food served. The management found flaws in the European perspective of market financing while comparing it with the US market financing. Later, management revised the marketing plan for Disney by implementing strategic and tactic changes at the right time. Changes were made to adapt to the French culture by allowing wine andentry of pets in the Disneyland. The French characters like Zorro, Mary Poppins, and Alladin were casted in advertisements along with celebration of Donald Duck’s birthday to position EuroDisney on the top of the European destinations for short time visits. The new French CEO changed marketing tactics by capturing local markets based on different tourists’ habits. Advertisements and packages were structured according to the city marketing trends. Park admission rates were reduced by 20% and room rents by 30% with special promotions for the winter season. The name of the park was changed to Disneyland Paris (Case Study).Taking a lesson from its experiences of Tokyo Disney management, the Hong Kong Disneyland marketing strategy was made keeping mainly the Asian audiences in view. Local cultural traditions were particularly taken care not to antagonize the feelings of public as it happened in the case of Tokyo Disneyland. The American experience matched only in the matter of admission fee, which was marginally more affordable and similar to the Disney’s US parks in California and Florida than to the fees in Tokyo and Paris (Asia Times 2005).According to Roy Tan Hardy, vice president of marketing and sales of Hong Kong Disneyland, regarding park’s attractions “We carried out extensive, in-depth consumer insight

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