Explore the file below on the TOP CEOS of 2020 (each slide has the information about the CEO and company).

Find two  principles that apply  to concepts you saw in the file. Think of the determinants of demand/supply (factors that shift the curve) and link them to the scenarios.  There is no specific answer. I want you to take a look at the companies and CEOS and why they are considered top. Then think of factors that shift demand and supply. Apply 2 of these factors. You don’t need to  link it to every CEO. Maybe you  notice a trend with the industries, or a group of companies, or qualities of CEOS, or maybe you remember something about the company from the news, and so on. Whatever principle you link, explain why you choose that  and how it applies.

Write no less than 5 sentence responses on both concepts (10 sentence minimum) that explains why that principle is evident in these business scenarios. Your responses should be grounded in economic theory and not just lay opinions.Top 15 CEOs for Large Companies

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