Thanks for your post this week on the forum topic of Socialization. I think your spot on with your take on impression management. I think we take on different “social selves” to fit into different situations. Not totally changing one’s self but morphing for a situation, a position or a setting to like you said, be considered. So you think that it’s right to have to do this in our society or do you think we should just be who we are and if someone doesn’t approve then tough?
So in your example of impression management you state, “The first, adjustment of role performance is where an individual tires to either exaggerate or withdrawn his/her capabilities towards a certain task.” Please elaborate if you will. You really think that people hold back the ability to out shine others and then lean forward when the time comes to look good. That’s very interesting to me, in all my years I would never think that of people. I only see the side were they are trying to out shine people just to make themselves look good. 
So let me ask you this, do you think it’s really faking yourself or who you are by changing to adapt in a situation? I would more so call it a short-term adaption if you will. Because sometime your take on that change or “social self” to get in and then once people see you for you it’s all good. Would you agree?

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