must be in APA format and citations.
Alternative Media Assignment & Evaluation Rubric 
Introduction to Unit Assignments For this unit, you will ultimately complete an Abbreviated Literature Review on a current topic or problem in education or your selected career field using five scholarly sources accessed through the WSSU O’Kelly Library. Your Abbreviated Literature Review will be documented and cited following the American Psychological Association (APA) format for papers and will be presented in the form of a website.  In preparation for your abbreviated Literature Review, you will complete a Literature Review Information Template which you will use to collect the information you will use in your Abbreviated Literature Review.  Your Abbreviated Literature Review will be presented in the form of a website or a paper and a presentation.  Your presentation should be three to six minutes long.
You will complete multiple assignments during this unit.  Each assignment has its own due date.  Refer to the list of due dates for each assignment task as well as at the end of these directions.
A Literature Review is a synthesized essay discussing research others have conducted in order to demonstrate one’s depth of knowledge on a specific topic.  Your assignment is an Abbreviated Literature Review because you will not exhaust the literature on your topic.  You will pull your information from only five sources published in the last five years and accessed through the O’Kelly Library databases.

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