Homework 2

  1. There are many definitions of quality. What definitions have come in contact with in your work, in workshops, in short courses, in other training or through reading?
  • This problem assumes that you are familiar with airline travel. If you are not, you may work with someone who is.
  1. Construct a logical flow chart for the process of taking an airline flight from the time you arrive at the airport till the time you sit down in your seat on the airplane.
  2. Below are hypothetical data on the frequency of complaints from airline passengers.
  3. Construct a Pareto chart from this information. Describe what you see in the Pareto chart
Canceled Flight37
Checked Baggage26
Missed Connection57
On-time Performance122
Seat Assignment14
  • Most complaints of airline passengers concern disruption in the flight schedule (canceled flight, missed connection, and on-time performance). Construct a Cause-and-Effect diagram where the effect is a disruption in the flight schedule and the causes are those that lead to such disruptions. This may or may not fit into the pattern where major causes can be classified by Method, Material, Machine, People, etc.

Note: You may construct the Flow Chart, Pareto chart and Cause-and-Effect diagram by hand or with the aid of a computer.

  • An experiment in chemistry looked at the effect of temperature on the solubility of salt in water. Below are data on the solubility of Potassium Chloride (KCL). Construct a scatter plot of the data and comment on the relationship between temperature and solubility using Microsoft Excel.
Temp. °C0102030405060708090100
  • Describe the correlation of the average speed in locale (mph) and accidents in day presented in the graph below. 
  • The data for this problem are taken from the article “Statistical Analysis: Mack Truck Gear Heat Treating Experiments”, by P. Brezler Heat Treating, November 1986. The measured characteristic is the thrust face ranout, a measure of gear distortion, for gears laid flat in stacks or hung on rods during their heat treatment in a continuous carburizing furnace.  
  1. Construct a histogram for 77 gears using intervals: 5 ≤ Y <10, 10 ≤ Y < 15, 15 ≤Y<20, etc.
  2. Construct separate histograms for the gears hung and gears laid using the same intervals as in (a). Compare the two methods of handling gears. How do the handling methods differ in terms of runout measurements?
Gears Laid
Gears Hung

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