Below is a link to an article (on-line and .pdf) that appeared recently in the periodical, New Republic. Please read the entire article and write a no-more-than 2 page (single spaced) response to the article that addresses the following three questions: What is your general response to the article, in relation to at least one other assigned reading? What is your take on the quote, “The “totalitarian” concert experience that Dare criticized is in fact countercultural, obliging listeners to explore humility through attention to unfamiliar ideas, without regard to their own immediate need for gratification.”? In other words, do you agree with Dare or the author? Why? In the 21st century, what role should an orchestra play in the community?

America’s Orchestras are in Crisis (Links to an external site.) (, by Philip Kennicot – the New Republic. , for a PDF of the article.

The paper must be submitted no later than July 29th, on Canvas. The paper may be submitted in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format. Please do not ask for a minimum length requirement. I will add up to five points to your final Discussion Average (2.5 points to your total final grade average). The rubric is as follows, 1 pt. for each of the three questions above, 1 or 2 points for clarity of language. This paper is not required to complete the course