Step #1 Research & Note-taking

1. Identify the name of one company you might want to work for in the future, then locate their website through an online search. 

2. Click on menu items that provide background information (“About”, “About Us”, “Who We Are”, etc). which are usually located at the top or bottom of the home page. On an MS Word document or sheet of paper, take notes about the company. Note the history, mission, your opinion of the website, where the company is located, what they value, who leads them, and any other information you find useful. Take a screenshot of your notes and upload them to the Career Research Notes Dropbox. 

Step #2 Complete the prompt below:

__________ is a company/organization that provides/does/sells _____________. It is located in ___________. The company appears to value __________.

If I worked for this employer I could live in ____________. The history of this company makes me think _________. From what I have learned, I think I

would/would not like to work at this company because ______________ (add more information if you like). Post your answers to this discussion board and respond with a note of encouragement/positive statement to at least one classmate’s research.nment, you should rely on • Villagra & Cárdaba, Communicating CSR article, which we’ll cover now. • Also refer back to our earlier reading from Chaudri on the communication imperative • In this lecture, I reference another reading by Anne Ellerup Nielsen and Christa Thomsen, which is posted to Blackboard in Lesson 9 as an optional reading. It is not required and is not available in e-reserves. My second lecture, which is “Part 2” prepares you for your online discussion this week. [Slide 3 – Communicating CSR] We’ve previously studied that Communicating CSR actions does not always translate into positive public perception. In some cases, CSR communication has been met with skepticism, or rejected outright. Therefore, we need to better understand what makes CSR communication appealing and convincing. Page 1 of 6 AS.480.642.81 – CSR Campaigns Leadership Communication To add to our understanding, Nuria Villagra, Miguel Cárdaba and Jose San Román conducted an experimental study to assess how “fit” influence

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