Need help with my writing homework on Review #3. Write a 250 word paper answering; Due: Article analysis Tracking the origin of humankinds into a deeper detail entails a close focus on the human evolution from a period 1.8 million ago. The entire journey of human beings from the first account of existence through millions of years in the period when Homo sapiens sapiens is estimated to have existed is found to have a series of changes in both physical and metal capabilities of mankind. The origin of humankind throughout the book by Houseman, illustrates the various stages of evolution of mankind. Conversely, the first appearances of human being were traced over 1.8 million years ago in the pre-history of the Homo erectus. The appearance of hand axes is evidenced in the Lower Paleolithic period as used by the Homo erectus. The initial radiation Homo erectus is found to emerge from Africa and Eurasia. The evolution of this species of Homo sapiens dates back to approximately 160,000 years from both Africa and Eurasia. Ultimately, Homo sapiens are described as more civilized humans, with the appearance of bows and arrows being linked to Homo sapiens sapiens in the past 10, 000 years.The five part discussion in this article have an historical significance to the humans as they help in understanding the origin of mankind. From the 5 parts of the article it is possible to ascertain that human beings have through the evolution become wiser, from one ancient period the other. This is crucial to human understanding that every generation that emerges is always at a better intellection capability than the preceding one.Lastly, the entire five parts of the article focuses on the origin of humankind based on many assumptions that do not embrace a religious account of the creation of human beings. The differently can only be seen as an opposed illustration of evolution of human from a primitive ape, which highly differ from religious accounts. Works citedHouseman A. E. The original of Homo sapiens sapiens, Patterns in the pre-history.

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