Hi, I need help with essay on Transformation problem. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!The first stage that came out was the forming stage which was characterized by an uncomfortable feeling as result of meeting new persons. It was also characterized by members trying to identify their relationships with other group members.The second stage of group decision making was the storming stage which involved discussion of imperative issues and various ideas. This stage is also associated with a feeling of precautions as members try to avoid conflict with one another. This stage also involves allocation of tasks among the group members.The third stage was the norming stage. Our group started working as a team knowing clearly our task and objective. It was also characterized by order and direction as there was a flow of communication among our group. Ultimately, there was the performing stage in our decision making process. This stage was characterized by intense focus towards achieving our objective facilitated by a sense of feeling of familiarization amongst us.In terms of individuals participation not all the group members were actively involved, however one of us remained passive throughout the discussion. This can be attributed to a numbers of factors such diffusion responsibility as argued by ( Ciccarelli, 2009) of a socio-psychological condition that some individuals tends to take less responsibility for action in the presence of others. In this state individual assumes that others are in charge of taking required actions to solve a problem.Another explanation of this individual behavior during group decision making can be attributed to social facilitation which is the effect on an individual’s performance negatively or positively in the presence of others.Social facilitation has two major effects on decision making inclusive of: Audience effects characterized by passive individuals within the group. Such

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