Please translate a short speech in following file from English to Spanish.

Require: correct grammar and correct word choosing.

It is short and easy speech, thus, make sure the translation simple and correct.

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Hello! My name is (name). I am from (City name). Today, I will have a speech to introduce my family and my hometown. I and my family, including my parents, grandparents and uncles leaved in (Place name), since 2000. After, I and my parents moved to (place name) in 2005. (Place name) is one of the most crowded area in Hongkong, there are many old apartment building and shops in these areas. Central(place name) and Sheung Wan(place name) are the CBD of Hongkong. They are the wealthiest areas in Hongkong. Central have many office building and shopping mall. Sheng Wan are mixed area, there are office buildings and apartment buildings. I and my parents move to (place name) because a trade company in (place name) hired my father in 2006. (Place name) is the third largest city in (country name). 

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