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98 CHAPTER 3 Narrative as a Formal System CITIZEN KANE: PLOT SEGMENTATION C. Credit title 1. Xanadu: Kane dies 2. Projection room: a. “News on the March” b. Reporters discuss “Rosebud” 3. El Rancho nightclub: Thompson tries to interview Susan 4. Thatcher library: a. Thompson enters and reads Thatcher’s manuscript b. Kane’s mother sends the boy off with Thatcher First c. Kane grows up and buys the Inquirer flashback d. Kane launches the Inquirer’s attack on big business e. The Depression: Kane sells Thatcher his newspaper chain f. Thompson leaves the library 5. Bernstein’s office: a. Thompson visits Bernstein b. Kane takes over the Inquirer c. Montage: the Inquirer’s growth Second d. Party: the Inquirer celebrates getting the Chronicle staff flashback e. Leland and Bernstein discuss Kane’s trip abroad f. Kane returns with his fiancée

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