Topic: Choose a person, film, song, group, or organization that has inspired you and pay tribute to her/him/it/them by explaining how and why she/he/it/they inspired you. You may not choose a family member or friend as the topic of your speech. You may not choose a family member or friend as the topic of your speech.

Content: Your speech should include (1) an introduction with (a) a creative attention getting device, (b) a clear central idea, (c) a preview of your main points, and (d) a smooth transition into the body of your speech; (2) a body that includes 2-3 coordinated, logical, and substantive main points that (a) support your central idea, (b) are organized effectively, and (c) are separated by effective transitions; and (3) a strong conclusion that includes (a) a clear signal of the end, (b) a restatement of the central idea, (c) a review of the main points, and (d) a return to the introductory device.

Outline: You must prepare and submit a preparation outline to accompany your tribute speech. Read more about the preparation outline for the tribute speech and see examples of good preparation outlines submitted by previous students here.

You need to submit two documents, the full text of the speech and the outline.

full text of the speech:about 600 words

Tribute Speech Preparation Outline Instructions

You must prepare and submit a preparation outline to accompany your tribute speech. The preparation outline is a complete sentence outline that is a fully developed representation of your speech. An adequate preparation outline is one that, when read, could effectively substitute for the speech itself. Because you must deliver the speech extemporaneously, however, your preparation outline will represent only one potential version of your speech. Your preparation outline should follow the following format (create more main points if necessary using the provided pattern):

Specific purpose:

Organizational pattern:


Creative attention-getting device:

Central idea:

Relevance statement:

Preview of main points:



Main point 1


Main point 2



Statement signaling the conclusion:

Restatement of central idea:

Summary of main points:

Return to introductory device:

Tribute Speech Preparation Outline Examples


creative attention getting device: I think movies are kind of like people. Some are sad, some are funny, some are scary, some are annoying, some are musical, and some you can learn a lot from because of their inspiring message.

central idea: The Lego Movie is an inspiration to the youths and adults because it contains characters that fit both of those dynamics that both go on a journey and learn to believe in themselves.

relevance statement: I don’t know about you, but in this transitional stage of life, sometimes I feel like I need to be perfect, and other times I feel like I want to express my originality, but often feel discouraged by peer pressure or society I have to act a certain way.

preview of main points: I think people from ages 5 to 55 can learn from watching the Lego Movie because it encourages them to be themselves and not worry about being perfect all the time.

transition: In this seemingly funny and innocent film, I learned how to overcome both of those needs and reach my goals.


1st main point:

The Lego Movie can be an inspiration for all ages because it encourages them to be creative and believe in themselves regardless of what pop culutre says. When Emmet, the hero, starts comparing his own building skill to the other people, he is told by his mentor, Vetruvious: “Don’t worry about what the others are doing. You must embrace what is special about you!” Emmet is challenged to think outside the box of society and believe in his own abilities, then he’s able to become a Master Builder and save the LEGO universe.

transition: Kids today, including myself, need to hear that they don’t have to live up to the rest of society, that they can just be themselves, and then they’ll flourish.

2nd main point:

Not only does this film break walls of insecurity, but it also directs everyone to worry less about perfection. Adults can be a lot like President Business, aka the bad guy. He was a perfectionist, and had all the LEGO worlds separated so the

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