Option A:

Please visit the website: http://www.illusions.org/dp/1-2.htm

This page is full of fascinating illusions (scroll to the bottom of the webpage for a complete list). Please find an illusion that interests you.

You need to tell me which illusion you selected (please provide the link for the illusion you selected) and use the explanation to put in your own words why your brain sees this differently than it actually appears. Please incorporate THREE vocabulary terms (define and then apply) from chapter 3 in your explanation. Your explanations needs to be one page in length for the illusion you have selected.

Option B:

In many movies from the 1930s, dancers performed seemingly meaningless movement which, when viewed from above, were transformed into intricate patterns and designs.  Similarly, the formations of marching bands often create pictures and spell words.  Identify and describe at least four Gestalt principles of grouping that explain the audience‚Äôs perception of the images created by these types of formations. Be sure to define and then apply the terms in your response. Your response should be one page in length. 

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