In this way, we can really see that after her amiss experience, Charlotte was a typical occidental “18-year-old girl” she was lazy, always grabbing a new technology stuff and only interested in fashion. Whereas now, after the experience, she is a whole new person with a whole new view about the world surrounding her, she starts helping her parents, only bye useless things and appreciate life for Its true meaning. 3- After the experience of Charlotte in the amiss community, she became a complete another responsible person.
During her 6 weeks shove learnt the true meaning of life as explained above. Nowadays, her project is to became amiss but also to became a better person in the society and in her family. 4) Jones Family 4, Smith road Midfielder, OHIO First of all, I hope that you’re well. For my part, I’m missing you like hell and I ‘m nowadays considering you as my second family. I don’t think you can imagine how much my stay wire you changed me and my relation to the world.
Before, Before eating you, I was the stereotype of the pathetic occidental 18-year-old girl who only take care of her. Today, I’m totally different , Eve a whole new vision of our world , I help my parents, and take care of them and of everyone who needs it. I’m really mature now, ‘feel useful in the society. And you’re the cause of all this thanks to the fact that you helped me open my eyes and SE the worlds as it ‘s truly. Thinks I would miss Cell phone- Parties- Internet-Faceable- Mainstream- Twitter- Watchstrap- Modern way of remonstration- Music Freedom-Modern Clothes.
Again, I hope all is well with you. And let me know if you ever need anything. I all miss you tons, you’re my second family! Have a fun time, and stay safe. Please write back when you get this. I’d love to hear all about how everything is going. Sincerely, Charlotte Allison 5) In the case of being separated from these things, ‘would probably get mad because my whole life turn’s around them, but I will need to adapt myself to this new woof living to find new hobbies.

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