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Question 7 1 pts Part II: Calculations 4. Calculate the initial velocity (vo) of the cannon. Use the average horizontal range and the height to solve for the projectile initial speed. Show all your calculations. (Rearrange equation 1) Upload an image of your calculations here. Upload Choose a File Question 8 1 pts 5. Calculate the range, use eq. 2 and the launch speed calculated in question #4. Calculate the range when the lancer is aimed at 45°. Show all your work. Upload your file here Upload Choose a File Part II: Calculations When a projectile is launched horizontally its range (R) in meters is given by: 2h R = voy 9 Eq.1 • where the initial height of the launched projectile is above the floor in (m). • g is the acceleration due to gravity. The initial speed of the projectile in m/s. If a projectile is launched at an angle of 45° above the horizontal, its range is given by: loi R II + w? 2hg gV2 V + 29 Eq. 2 Part 2 8. Mass of canon ball: 17.60 kg 9. Diameter: 0.18 10. 11.5 meters 11. 18m/s 12. 34.9 meters when launched at 45 degrees 13. See table O degrees 11.5 meters 40 degrees 5 degrees 14.7 meters 45 degrees 10 degrees 18.3 meters 50 degrees 15 degrees 22.1 meters 55 degrees 20 degrees 25.7 meters 60 degrees 25 degrees 29.0 meters 65 degrees 30 degrees 31.7 meters 70 degrees 35 degrees 33.6 meters 75 degrees 34.7 meters 34.8 meters 34.2 meters 32.4 meters 29.8 meters 26.2 meters 21.9 meters 17 meters

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