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GROUP PORTION 1. Report which wavelength you selected for use in part II. 2. Include a copy of completed Data Tables 1 and 2. 3. Write the equation for the linear fit line from your graph in the form y = mx + b, using the values for m and b that you recorded in the Evidence Record. For example, if m = 3 and b = 6, then the equation for the line is y = 3x + 6. 4. The accuracy of your standard concentrations is indicated by the correlation coefficient (also known as the r value). Report your r value. 5. Show how to use the equation of the line and the measured absorbance of an unknown to find the concentration of FeSCN2+ as follows: a. In the equation for the line from question 3, which physical quantity is represented by y and which physical quantity is represented by x? b. Rewrite the equation so that you have a formula to

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