• Save the postings (or the link to the posting with a short paragraph describing the posting) for each internship or job into a document (e.g., copy the text or provide a URL to the internship or job description).
  • Using what you have learned about yourself, write one paragraph after each internship or job description explaining why it would be a good match for you. In your explanation, discuss why each internship or job is a good fit based on your values and interests, and how it fits in with your personality and workplace preferences. Please highlight your explanation paragraph by using a different font color to make it easy to find in the document.

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Fadi Noori PathwayU helps you better understand yourself. Equipped with an improved understanding of what makes you unique, you can choose a major and career path with con dence. ASSESSMENT ASSESSMENT Interests Values Many of your scores are similar. Look at your results to learn what this means. Your primary Values are Support and Relationships. REALISTIC ACHIEVEMENT INVESTIGATIVE INDEPENDENCE ARTISTIC RECOGNITION SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS ENTERPRISING SUPPORT CONVENTIONAL WORKING CONDITIONS ASSESSMENT ASSESSMENT Personality Workplace Preferences Your Personality Assessment results can be viewed below. Your primary Workplace Preferences are Excellence and Guiding Principles. OPENNESS TO EXPERIENCE EXCELLENCE CONSCIENTIOUSNESS EXTRAVERSION AGREEABLENESS EMOTIONAL STABILITY HONESTY/HUMILITY GUIDING PRINCIPLES COLLABORATIO

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