create an excel sheet to solve future similar problem.

please watch the video carefully and follow the steps. do the same steps. at the end there is an excel sheet. I need one like it. 

also I need the answer to the emission factors for the same truck he picked. it is an easy task and video is clear. but I have alot of other work and can’t do it at the moment, due is in 6 hours from now.. 

video :

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13.2.2 Unpaved Roads General When a vehicle travels an unpaved road, the force of the wheels on the road surface causes pulverization of surface material. Particles are lifted and dropped from the rolling wheels, and the road surface is exposed to strong air currents in turbulent shear with the surface. The turbulent wake behind the vehicle continues to act on the road surface after the vehicle has passed. The particulate emission factors presented in the previous draft version of this section of AP-42, dated October 2001, implicitly included the emissions from vehicles in the form of exhaust, brake wear, and tire wear as well as resuspended road surface material25. EPA included these sources in the emission factor equation for unpaved public roads (equation 1b in this section) since the field testing data used to develop the equatio

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