Interactive call to action presentation where you will have to research the names of ingredients that are harmful in nutrition labels and call companies out for their deliberate use of harmful ingredients and chemicals in the making of their products. Push for reform and come up with a plan to hopefully get large companies to avoid the use of harmful ingredients and chemicals. Please use the attached paper as a reference to one or two of the slides. Also, reference back to the attached PowerPoint in one of the slides.

this is for a natures class where we talk about the effects of global warming, how composting is great for the environment, and the harmful effects of chemicals, pesticides, and so on. 2 attachmentsSlide 1 of 2

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1 Personal Reflection paper on Monsanto documentary Sahak Ter-Sahakyan Natures: INDS 102 7/20/2021 Personal Reflection paper on Monsanto documentary 2 Anthropology Question Assignment Video Introduction In the ‘The World according to Monsanto,’ Marie-Monique (2008) exposes the firm’s practices and motivation to control the globe’s food supply with its genetically modified seeds and other items. Monsanto is known for its primary role in biotechnology and is recognized as the largest organization in this industry. In essence, it is the leading manufacturer of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the world. GMOs involve manipulation of traits that naturally occur in crops, animals, and plants. Since its inception, and with the production of its first modified soybeans in the 90s, Monsanto has had massive approval from the

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