Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Utilization Management and Models of Care.It is also a whole person centered approach that offers a comprehensive care strategies for chronic, acute and end of life care. Finally, the PCHM facilitates the integration and coordination of care thus ensuring that the patients receive the best care and services from their medical neighborhood thus improving quality and safety of the services.Health care facilities that have employed the Chronic Care Model have also been able to achieve their quality and safety goals due to the various beneficial elements inherent in the model. Glasgow, Orleans & Wagner (2001) informs that one of the key ways through which the Chronic Care Model facilitates the achievement of quality and safety goals by coordinating the care delivery process and offering clinical decision support. The model coordinated coordinates decisions and actions of different care givers leading to glycemic control, health care utilization and patient satisfaction. Evidence based decision making is vital in the achievement of safety and quality goals (Coleman, Austin, Brach & Wagner, 2009). The model facilitates the incorporation of evidence based practices into various registries and patient assessment tools thus improving the quality of care offered by the care givers.Shojania, K., Kathryn, M., Grimshaw, J., Sundaram, V., Rushakoff, R. (2006). Effects of quality improvement strategies for type 2 diabetes on glycemic control: a meta-regression analysis.&nbsp.Journal of the American Medical Association&nbsp.296(4), 427–440.

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