I believe that my long term results of earning my degree will be to help me find a job in my field of study. I think that the value of my education is priceless. I feel this way because you cannot put a price on education and knowledge. There is nothing greater than knowing that I completed my courses and could graduate from college. No matter what my age is when it happened. My personal plan for my academic future will be to graduate from my courses and earn my associates degree and possibly moving on to earn a bachelor’s degree.
While earning my bachelor’s degree I can start to intern as an accountant and gain the experience necessary to further my career. I think that by doing these two things I will be more educated and qualified as an Accountant. With me gaining the experience and becoming more educated I will have a better chance for receiving a position that I have applied for because I do have the educational know how and experience. I have learned a large amount about being in a collaborative learning environment. I find this experience to be very helpful and have enjoyed working with my fellow classmates.
They have allowed me to express my thoughts and views on a topic and also have helped my views and opinions to grow with theirs. I have learned so much from my classmates and I am very excited to continue on my journey. We have all worked together to gain a better understanding of the material. I learned that goal setting is an extremely important tool to help me achieve my degree. If I do not set goals I will never get things done. It is important to set smaller goals to help you achieve bigger goals. At any point in time you can adjust your goals to make them more attainable.

The important thing to remember is to follow your goals according to plan, and be sure to stay on track. While taking this course I have learned how to better manage my time and try to eliminate as much stress as possible. I have made a schedule to fit my schoolwork, family time, and personal time in to my daily routine. I have found that if I do not stick to my schedule and do things according to plan I will fall behind and have to rush through things to get them done. If I do not effectively manage my time, especially while my children are in school, I have to stay up really late to get things done.
If I can at least get done all my reading and notes taken while they are in school then it is fairly easy to go back and check fellow classmate responses to myself and reply to them. By doing this I am not only helping myself to get a better understanding of the material I am also helping my classmate as well. My top priority before I start my week is to get as much of my reading done the weekend before so that way when I sign in I just have to review my notes and posts my answers and responses.
While I am reading I start my studying an make sure that I am taking accurate notes and I also print out the assignments so I am able to create a rough draft before I send my assignment to my instructor. I have learned that if I am starting to lose my concentration I will close my laptop and save what I was doing and return to it later. I do this so I can stay energized and focused, whether it is for only a few minutes or an hour or so. This the part that I really love about doing my courses online I can do it at my own pace as long as the work is completed by the due dates specified in course syllabus.
I love that I can choose what way I study and learn making it personalized allows me to learn the way I am familiar with and what works for me. The resources offered to University of Phoenix students are extremely helpful. I cannot wait to utilize all of the resources. I know the one that I probably will use the most is the University Library. I say this because I will want to make sure my information that I use is credible and accurate. Another resource will be the Center for Writing Excellence, this tool will help me to check proper grammar use, writing format, and help me cite the sources that I have used in academic work.

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