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In your response, (minimum 250 words with sources cited in APA format) tell me about your impressions of Victory City and its creator. What did you think about the creator’s claim of “no crime, no pollution, and no over-crowding?” Also describe any aspects of this community that you would like to see in your project community. Introduction to Women’s Studies: Women and Society Title Professor’s Name Month Day, Year 2 Sample Interview and Learning Resources Summary Interview Summary: I interviewed my friend, Sarah Martin. Ms. Martin is a 43-year-old divorced mother of an 8-year-old with autism and a financial planner. We conducted our interview over email and telephone. She was generous with her time, and provided thoughtful responses to my questions. She even provided follow-up answers when I asked for more information. Some of the major Women’s Studies topics we covered were family roles, motherhood, and work. Learning Resources Summary: Holberg, A. (2014). Motherhood. [PowerPoint slides]. UMGC. This lecture discusses the ways motherhood is idealized in our culture. I will use this PowerPoint lecture to help explain why, as the mother of a young child, Ms. Martin found it difficult to step into the role of breadwinner after her ex-husband lost his job. Rich, A. (1977). Claiming an education. Speech given at Douglass College convocation. This speech encourages women “to claim” an education rather than “to receive” one (1977, p. 1). It also will help me to explain the change in Ms. Martin’s attitude toward her own education and role in her marriage that led to her finally completing her college degree with a toddler and a deployed husband after many years of failing classes or dropping out of school. 3 Standish, R. (2013). Course module 4: women & work. In L. Walter (ed.), WMST 200 course modules. UMGC.

Explanation & Answer length: 250 words

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