Me    5 posts   Re: Topic 2 DQ 2  Great post Dorothy also as a general rule, every policy should be reviewed every one to three years. But most experts recommend reviewing policies annually. Policy review doesn’t have to be as daunting a task as it sounds. By reviewing policies and procedures the organization is able to incorporate the current evidence-based practice and wed off the old ones.  Also, outdated policies can leave the organization at risk. old policies may fail to comply with new laws and regulations. They may not address the new systems or technology  Violations of the nursing standard of care can result in the actions against the individual, survey deficiencies especially if the nurse does not follow the facility policies and procedures in rendering the care. It is the facility responsibilities to educate staff and update their policies according to the new literature on Evidenced-Based Practice  Health care organizations need to consider multiple strategies to facilitate and promote evidence-based practice. Managerial support. facilitation and a culture that is receptive to changes are essential  Reference  K Gerrish, J Clayton-Journal of nursing management 12(2),114-123,2004 O’Brien    10 posts   Alimatu – substantive credit and APA 

Please work on the below recommendation 

 Alimatu,  You have a reference but the reference does not match either of the citations in your post and the two citations you posted do not have references at the bottom of your post.  Please recopy your post and correct this so I can give you substantive credit for the post.  Thank you.  Professor O’Brien

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