Prompt #1: Moore’s Paradox. Is Moore’s paradox a genuine paradox? Or is it simply a puzzling artifact of the way language functions? Explain.

Prompt #2: Pascal’s Wager. Do you find Pascal’s Wager convincing? Explain some reasons why or why not.2 attachmentsSlide 1 of 2

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Yiwei Wang Oct 30, 2021 I choose Prompt #2: Pascal’s Wager. Do you find Pascal’s Wager convincing? Explain some reasons why or why not. Blaise Pascal (Blaise Pascal) expressed in his book “Records of Thoughts” that: I do not know whether God exists. If he does not exist, there is no benefit to being an atheist, but if he exists, as an atheist I will There are great disadvantages. Therefore, I would rather believe that God exists. But his argument can be easily refuted, including the polytheism mentioned in the course, the zero probability of the existence of God, etc. In fact, I do not agree with Pascal’s point of view, because if I am an atheist, even in his If | believe in God with a theoretical suggestion, then my faith is purposeful and ungodly, so I can’t get the benefits of my faith accordingly. And if I am a theist, I may also

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