Name: ____________________

GS104 Intro to Environmental Science

Date: _____________________

Progressive Project Week 1

What was the last thing that you threw away?

Could you estimate how much trash you generate by weight in lbs?

How long does it take you to fill up one trash can/bag?

How many trash bags or cans do you fill up in a week?

How does your trash use affect the environment (consumption of resources, impacts of landfills, etc)?

What are the most common items in your trash (food waste, plastics, soda cans)?

How does convenience packaging (single use, throw away, doesn’t have to be washed) affect your lifestyle?

When you throw trash “away” it goes to the landfill. Do you know all the options (3 Rs) about how you can divert trash from the landfill ?

Summarize your answers to the questions above into three or four sentences.

2.Next, Use one of the provided articles to analysis and summarize.

Achieving Zero Waste in San Francisco: Successes and Challenges. (2020). Journal of International Affairs, 73(1), 285–290.

Docksai, R. (2014). A World without Waste? Futurist, 48(2), 16–20.

Haugh, J. A. (2011). Decisions, Decisions: Cleaning Up America’s Recycling Confusion. Harvard Kennedy School Review, 11, 32–37.

Williams, J., & Katz, S. (2014). Solid municipal waste audit analyses at Denver International Airport. Journal of Airport Management, 8(3), 197–205.

Summary of article in your own words:

How does the article relate to your own trash use?

Reference citations:

3. Based on your observations and article from the first two steps of the Week 1 assignment, please choose ONE of the hypothesis below for this lab:

These are two easiest options:

ð I generate more waste, on average, than my peers.

ð I generate less waste, on average, than my peers.

Or you can choose one of these more advanced options:

ð c. I recycle more of my waste, on average, than my peers.

ð d. I recycle less of my waste, on average, than my peers.

4.Create your prediction: “If I collect my individual trash for 24 hours, then the weight of my trash will be less than the average of my classmates.”

Fill in the blank area with the wording from part 3.

The prediction for my experiment (progressive project) is: _____________________________


Explanation & Answer length: 2 pages

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