Your submission should be at least 400 words long

The KCET Video Shadow of Drought that came out recently touches on many of the things we covered in class and provides a good opportunity to reflect on what you learned and how it may affect your attitudes and behaviors in regards to California water. It reviews the main features of California‚Äôs water infrastructure, reflects on the 2012-2016 drought which caused state-wide water use restrictions, and looks at a future with warming temperatures.

After you watch the 30-minute video linked below, write a short summary of the main points in the video and include a reflection on two or three of the following questions. Submit as one essay.

  • Do you remember changing your water use during the recent drought and, if so, are you continuing to do this even when water is more plentiful?
  • Do you think the video is a realistic summary of the challenges we face or is it overly alarmist since 2018-2019 was a very wet year?
  • What will a warming climate do to our snowpack and how may that affect our future water supplies?
  • Do you think our politicians and water managers are planning adequately for the future?
  • In your opinion, what, if anything, should be done to prepare for future water challenges? Who should pay for it?

Your submission should be at least 400 words longExplanation & Answer: 400 wordsTags: California

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