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Lab 1 EVR 1001L Water pH and ocean acidification Objectives: • Neutralize a dilute solution of an acid with a dilute solution of a base. • Observe the effects of acidification on shells. • Understand the relationship between air pollution and ocean acidification. • Understand the mechanism of decreasing ocean pH. Introduction Since the time of the Industrial Revolution, the addition of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere has increased exponentially. Prior to the start of the Industrial Revolution (circa 1760), atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2 (g)) concentrations were around 280 ppm. As of November 2017, concentrations are over 400 ppm and continuing to increase. Elevated concentrations of atmospheric CO2 (g), as we will see, have lowered the pH of the oceans and caused detrimental effects on marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

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